Committee members wanted

Now that we have our financial records back from Sacriston Parish Council we can move forward.

To better enable this we want to invite members to put themselves forward for membership of the committee.  To that effect, I will be putting up copies of this poster on both sites of the association.

Peter Dawson, Secretary 2019-02-28

2019-02-27 Invitation to join the committee

Parking outside The Aged Miners’ cottages

Please have a look at the message below about parking on or near the Cross Lane Allotment site.  I will try to let all members know about this either by email or by SMS – email messages are easier for me to do so I will start there and them find a way to bulk MSM other members

.2019-01-23 re parking outside aged miners cottages generic

Peter Dawson

For and on behalf of the committee

Communication update

From today I will be placing notices on this website and alerting members by either SMS or email.  I’m hoping to instigate a buddy system whereby members without these facilities can be kept up to date by someone who has access.

This is being done to ensure that all members are kept up to date with developments on both Daisy Hill and Cross Lane sites.

I will still try to ensure that notices are posted on both sites too.

Peter Dawson

Allotment Association Meetings

There has been some interest in holding extra general meetings before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September.  After discussion with councillor Frank Morrell it is thought that whole site issues can be better addressed at the AGM and that there is no need to hold extra association meetings in the interim.  Any issues that members feel need to be addressed should be discussed with members of the committee or Councillor Morrell and then forwarded to the secretary for inclusion on the agenda of the AGM.  In this way, the whole membership of the association would be able to debate any issues and come to a democratic view on the best way to proceed.


We wish to make sure that all allotment holders have a pleasant and cooperative experience in the Sacriston Allotment Association and including all members in the decision making process is the best way to ensure that outcomes are seen to be transparent, open to all members and fair. 

Keith Ward – Chair

Peter Dawson – Secretary